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Wildland-Urban Interface Resources

National Preparedness Level

Check the current National Preparedness level

IAFC's Wildland-Urban Interface Conference

IAFC Wildland/Urban Interface Conference

Wildland Fire Policy Committee Resources

IAFC Wildland Fire Policy Committee

Wildland Fire Policy Committee Guiding Principles for Operating in the WUI (pdf)

Mutual Expectations for Preparedness and Suppression In the Interface (pdf)

A Call to Action A New Wildland Fire Accord: It Is in Your Hands (pdf)
This call-to-action reflects the thoughts of a small cadre of U.S. federal, state and local wildland fire agency leaders and is meant to stimulate Presidential, Congressional and Gubernatorial leadership on what it will take for all of us collectively to fix the United States wildland fire problem.

USDA Forest Service Risk Management Protocols
Chief Tidwell’s 2014 Letter of Intent (pdf)
2014 Forest Service Risk Management Protocols (pdf)
The Risk Decision Framework – Ten Questions (pdf)

Recommended Mitigation Practices for Property Owners and Guidelines for Use of Private Resources

Cohesive Strategy

Feds Issue Phase II of the National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy

Fire Adapted Communities

Your Role in Fire Adapted Communities (pdf)

Resource Links for Fire Adapted Communities

Ready, Set, Go! Program

Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) - Leaders Guide and Leaders Guide Supplement
This Leaders Guide Supplement is offered as a companion document to the Handbook and guidance for those who are considering implementing a Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP). It explains comprehensively how to implement each of the steps needed to create an effective CWPP.

Community Guide to Preparing and Implementing a Community Wildfire Protection Plan (pdf)

Community Wildfire Protection Plan - Leaders Guide (pdf)

Community Wildfire Protection Plan - Leaders Guide Supplement (pdf)

Other Resources

Advancing Wildland Fire Training for Fire Departments Implementation Plan (pdf)
Implementation actions 1a-1c from the 2002 report Changing Role and Needs of Local, Rural and Volunteer Fire Departments in the Wildland Urban Interfaceand subsequent findings of the 2004 task group report Advancing Wildland Fire Training for Fire Departments (AWFT).

Missions Report (pdf)
This report examines the U.S.'s current intergovernmental structure for wildland fire protection and response. The primary objective was to describe the existing legal responsibilities, authorities and roles of federal, state, local and tribal wildland fire protection organizations, with particular emphasis on the response to wildfires in the proximity of jurisdictional boundaries. The focus is on the jurisdictional and legal complexities of wildland fire protection including structure protection and structural fire suppression in the wildland-urban interface, the values at risk within jurisdictions, the implications on government's ability to deliver effective and cost efficient wildfire protection and suppression services.

Quadrennial Fire Review (QFR) (pdf)
Details: January 2009 IAFC On Scene
The IAFC thanks Don Artley, Kurt Latipow, David Driscoll, Bruce Suenram, Tom Kuntz, Mike Brown and Wayne Mitchell for their hard work and for ensuring that state and local government were represented throughout the development of this report.

National Wildfire Coordinating Group

External Resources