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Safety Support System

The Fire/EMS Safety Support System includes several activities to raise awareness of fire fighter health and safety issues and contribute to the effort to lower the number of line of duty deaths and injuries.

Stand Up for Safety Resources

The Stand Up for Safety campaign asks fire departments to take concrete steps to bring the safety of personnel to the forefront of everyday operations.  Firefighters are inherently focused on the mission at hand, but officers must reinforce the role each firefighter plays in safeguarding their own lives as well as the lives of fellow emergency responders.

Stand Up for Safety Discussion Topics (pdf)
Near-Miss Reports: Cardiovascular (pdf)
Near-Miss Reports: Structure Fires, Command and Accountability (pdf)
Near-Miss Reports: Structure Fires, Situational Awareness (pdf)
Near-Miss Reports: Vehicles, Command and Accountability (pdf)
Near-Miss Reports: Vehicles, Situational Awareness (pdf)
NIOSH Reports: Cardiovascular (pdf)
NIOSH Reports: Structure Fires (pdf)
NIOSH Reports: Vehicles (pdf) 

International Fire/EMS Safety and Health Week

International Fire/ EMS Safety and Health Week is an annual event during which fire departments are encouraged to suspend all nonemergency activity and instead focus entirely on health and safety training and education until all shifts and personnel have taken part.  An entire week is provided to ensure each shift and duty crew can spend one day focusing on these critical issues.  Each year, a national theme is selected based on data and trends in safety and health as well as near-miss, injury and line of duty death reporting; however, a department may create a program based on their unique trends and needs.

Safety and Health Week is a collaborative program sponsored by the IAFC and the NVFC, with coordination by the IAFC's Safety, Health and Survival Section, and in partnership with more than 20 national fire and emergency service organizations.

FIRE/EMS Stand Down: Priority Survival Notifications

Stand Downs are red alert/lookouts for major emergency safety issues that arise during the year. When a stand down is called, a Priority Survival Notification will be emailed to all IAFC members to explain the need for immediate action to ensure the safety of fire/EMS professionals and provide relevant resources.  Fire departments are asked to immediately suspend all nonemergency activity until action (such as training drills or a policy review) has been taken.