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Challenge 8: Fire-based Emergency Medical Services

EMS has long been a function of emergency service organizations (ESOs) in many parts of the U.S. In other areas EMS is just becoming an ESO service. Issues regarding scope of practice, deployment, response workload, funding and others create challenges for ESOs that must be addressed in a proactive manner.  Consequences of inattention to the challenges can include declines in volunteer retention rates.  Additionally ESOs must ensure it is providing significant input into EMS system design and provider regulations.

Challenge Initiatives

Initiative 8A: Tools to Determine if and Level of EMS Is Appropriate for Community, and Conduct Ongoing Service Evaluation

Develop and deliver tools and training to assist ESOs determine if EMS is an appropriate service to be provided to their community, what level of service to provide, and to conduct ongoing evaluation of EMS services delivered.

Initiative 8B: Increase VCOS Involvement in Development of National EMS Certification Criteria

Increase the involvement of VCOS in the development of national EMS provider certification criteria.