VISION: The VCOS International Strategic Initiative Online Network


VISION: The VCOS International Strategic Initiative Online Network

Mission: To produce a comprehensive framework to assist communities and their fire and emergency service leaders to create and maintain dynamic organizations.

VISION is the combined efforts of fire chiefs across the country addressing the need of the volunteer and combination emergency response agencies.  Our efforts were focused on areas of organizational management that were identified as being obstacles to creating and sustaining viable emergency response programs.  The information contained in the site will be continuously reviewed and updated as new ideas are brought forth from the leadership in emergency response.

VISION Project Challenges Leaders

Program Manager - Randall Parr

Challenge 1: Capabilities and Competencies – Kenneth Richards, Jr.

Challenge 2: Community Relations - Norvin Collins

Challenge 3: Recruitment – John D'Alessandro/Karen McQuaid

Challenge 4: Retention of Organizational Members – Mike Mulligan

Challenge 5: Organizational Structure, Strategic and Financial Planning – Pete Mellits

Challenge 6: Legislation and Regulations – Dave Bloom

Challenge 7:  Reputation Management – Mike Jaffa

Challenge 8: Fire-based Emergency Medical Services – Joe O’Conor

Strategic and Operational Plans

On February 10, 2012, summit lane leaders met in Clearwater Beach, Florida to continue work on the final draft of the strategic plan (pdf) and the operational plan, and to prepare a briefing for the VCOS board of directors meeting the next day. At this meeting, the group changed the operational plan name to the VCOS Vision Project and developed vision and mission statements.

The VISION website was launched at Fire-Rescue International 2014 in Dallas.