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Intrastate Mutual Aid System (IMAS)

With support from DHS' National Integration Center (NIC), the goal of IMAS was to support the development of comprehensive and functional mutual aid plans for the fire service in all states, tribal nations and U.S. territories.

IMAS Success Stories

Proving Mutual Aid: Wisconsin Successfully Activates Fire Service Emergency Response Plan (pdf)

Proving Mutual Aid: Texas' Experience with Hurricane Ike (pdf)


Guide to Intrastate Mutual Aid Planning (pdf)
A guide to assist the fire service in any state to develop or enhance intrastate mutual aid plans. The guide includes a recommended planning process, proposed functional components of a plan, best practice tips to help with planning, and some obstacles and supporting factors that could affect the development of a plan.

Field Guide Development

To help states market and educate fire service personnel on their plan, the IAFC assisted in the creation of a pocket- sized field guide based on the response plan. Once agreed by the stakeholders, the states and localities were encouraged to distribute the field guides to their emergency response personnel. The following examples can be used as templates.

State Marketing Tools

Each state having a mutual aid plan is a key step towards having a successful mutual aid system. View the examples below for ideas:

Training Templates

Training key personnel is essential for a mutual aid plan to operate well. View the sample training materials below for guidance:

Tabletop Exercise Scenarios

Plan maintenance ensures that a state's plan is current and maintained as a working document.  Tabletop exercises can be used to identify gaps in a plan, train on a plan, and update appendices and forms.  View the scenarios below that have been created for conducting tabletop exercises.

Articles on IMAS