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IAFC sections provide members with specialized opportunities to network and share information with those of similar interests. Each section offers a unique array of benefits specifically tailored to meet the needs of its members. Sections disseminate their expertise throughout the fire and emergency service community through publications, workshops and conferences, websites and online discussions.

Company Officers Section
Integrating and growing company officer engagement within the IAFC while helping company officers develop leadership skills and prepare to be chief officers.

EMS Section
Promoting fire-based EMS by providing a focus for addressing fire service EMS issues.

Emergency Vehicle Management Section
Sharing a common interest and concern with fire and emergency service equipment and apparatus. (formerly Apparatus Maintenance Section)

Executive Fire Officers Section
Identifying, producing, and encouraging industry wide and governmental acceptance of executive fire officer development programs, certifications and standards.

Federal & Military Fire Services Section
Striving to meet current and future challenges and acting as a strong voice for federal fire and emergency personnel worldwide. Federal & Military Section fact sheet (pdf)

Fire & Life Safety Section
Providing leadership and vision for chief fire officers and managers in an effort to reduce the risk of injury, loss of life and property loss in their communities through effective fire prevention efforts.

Industrial Fire and Safety Section
Bringing together those responsible for protecting industrial facilities and plants against fire and other hazards.

Metropolitan Fire Chiefs Association
Bringing together fire chiefs from large metropolitan fire departments in order to share information and experiences and to discuss issues that pertain to their departments.

Safety, Health and Survival Section
Providing a specific component within the IAFC to concentrate on policies and issues relating to the health and safety of firefighters.

Volunteer & Combination Officers Section
Providing chief officers who manage volunteer and combination departments within the fire/rescue/EMS delivery system with information, education, services, and representation to enhance their professionalism and capabilities.

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Section membership is open to current IAFC members only.

Already an IAFC member?
Add a section to your membership package by calling the IAFC toll free at 866-385-9110 (ask for member services). You can be invoiced or pay over the phone with a credit card.

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Join the IAFC and sections online or over the phone.

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