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NFPA 1710 and 1720 Instruction Aid

NFPA 1710 & 1720: It’s a Local Decision

This NFPA 1710 & 1720 overview for local elected & appointed leaders (pdf) can be delivered like a PowerPoint presentation by selecting View > Full Screen Mode in Acrobat Reader. The presentation covers:

  • Ensuring high-quality fire and emergency medical protection for all citizens
  • Performing a risk analysis of unique local demands—then planning appropriately
  • Allowing local leaders to make decisions about finite resources based on hard data

Both NFPA 1720 and 1710 are standard concerning personnel deployment and response times to fires and medical emergencies:

  • NFPA 1720 is designed primarily for communities with volunteer firefighters
  • NFPA 1710 is designed primarily for communities with career, or paid, firefighters
  • NFPA 1710 is more specific than 1720, and it has garnered the most questions

Access this resource — PDF
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