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The IAFC has a long and valued history of collaborating with others to explore and achieve shared solutions to shared challenges. Public safety is a community-wide responsibility. In order for the fire and emergency service to lead public safety efforts in our communities, it's critical we work with stakeholders from the broader fire and emergency community, other public safety disciplines, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, industry and the public. 

The work of the IAFC would be incomplete without the support of those within and beyond the fire and emergency service community who lend their expertise, diverse perspectives and financial support to public safety leadership. Similarly, IAFC members are trusted subject-matter exerts in their fields, tapped by those looking to gain expert perspective on and public awareness of critical public safety issues and programming. 

The role of the fire and emergency service as a trusted agent of public safety is paramount. The IAFC reviews each partnership opportunity closely to ensure our connection reflects similar goals and values.

Corporate Partners

The IAFC's Corporate Partner Program represents opportunities for the corporate community to join with the IAFC and its members for the betterment of the fire service. IAFC corporate partners include Fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses and others that offer products and services to the fire and emergency service.

Who are the IAFC's Corporate Partners?

Program Partners

The IAFC has a number of collaborative relationships, federal grants and cooperative agreements that contribute to the success of our programs.

Who are the IAFC's Program Partners?

State Partners

The IAFC works closely with fire and emergency service organizations and others at the state level to ensure understanding of issues, trends and solutions that exist at the state level.

Who are the IAFC's state partners?